In some way or another, all people seek wellness in every way. We try, by all means, to achieve the conditions that bring us closer to a state that we call happiness. For this, we constantly seek stimuli that bring us a benefit, even if it is immediate and ephemeral. Without realizing it, we focus on the outside, on what is outside of us in an attempt to fill areas of our lives.

But this search on the outside is not enough and, even sometimes, can increase feelings of emptiness.

We believe that self-knowledge is essential to get to know the causes of what causes us discomfort. Analysis and reflection on the personal factors that influence our “happiness” can allow us to modify our behaviours and guide them according to our values. Lifestyle and the way we relate to ourselves can lead us to a conflict between our principles and our goals. Not everything is the same for all people, so each of us has different needs.

Deepening that self-knowledge can bring numerous benefits, but it is not always possible to do one, so we need external vision and guidance from a psychology professional.

There are many reasons why many people give up seeking psychological help, including fear, shame, scepticism or the simple feeling that we are therefore weak. But the really strong person is the one who recognizes his weaknesses and is able to face them, while the apparent strength hides the weakness.

At CENTER Psicología Clínica we try to help the person in the process of self-knowledge. From our professional orientation we do not try to introduce ourselves into unconscious mechanisms, but to become aware of the personal, cultural, social and contextual factors that can improve our psychological well-being. Throughout the process, we try to offer guidance for the comprehensive care of the person, throughout their entire life cycle, through a multidisciplinary team.

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. (BUDDHA)