Society and the individual with it are constantly evolving. Scientific advances are updated day by day at enormous speed, which requires us to be in continuous adaptation. Many people dedicate enormous efforts, and plenty of time, to research and develop numerous studies to find new means that have the consequence of improving the quality of life in all areas (health, technology, education, social…). These means are made available to the community and, therefore, we must know how to take advantage of them in everyone’s favour, which requires constant updating. Obviously, the new knowledge joins the existing knowledge that has proven useful and beneficial.

In the field of psychology, advances that contribute to a better understanding of the factors involved in human behaviour are also made. This understanding allows establishing new ways of working and creating new evaluation techniques and processes, whose consequence is the improvement of therapeutic interventions.

In CENTER Psicología Clínica we try to update ourselves continuously, through training, attendance at professional conferences and the exchange of knowledge between the different health professionals, also collecting technological advances. We try to bring all the news and advances to offer the most innovative therapies and with the greatest scientific backing to the people who consult us.

If You Want Different Results, You Have to Try Different Approaches.  (Albert Einsten)