Let’s start by having a reflection about some aspects:

Do we really lead the life we ​​want to lead?

Are we capable of living focused on the present moment? Or conversely, are we constantly traveling to the past and to the future?

Do we constantly try to escape from what makes us suffer and miss the opportunity to enjoy what we have on a daily basis?

On many occasions, we consider our thoughts an absolute reality, without realizing that they are a simple mental product. We anticipate everything that can happen to us, which can certainly happen, but may also not happen. However, many times we feel imprisoned by these thoughts and it conditions our behaviour, which leads us to experience uncomfortable emotions. And what is worse, we stop being in the present, in what we really have. From there, we can forget our values, goals and objectives, and we enter into an absurd fight with what makes us suffer.

Suffering is inherent in life and trying to suppress it is meaningless, as we enter the vicious circle of SUFFERING BY NOT SUFFERING. Nor would it make sense to fall into resignation or passive hope. What can be useful is learning to live with that which causes us discomfort from acceptance and commitment to change aspects of our lives in coherence with our principles.

So-called “third generation” therapies have emerged in recent years. Among these techniques is Mindfulness-Based Therapy (BMT) (Segal, Williams & Teasdale, 2002). The function of this therapy is to be aware of the present moment, realizing at every moment what is happening in your body and in your mind, accepting the experiences that present themselves as they are.

At CENTER Psicología Clínica we offer a space aimed at these techniques and, specifically, in mindfulness individually and in groups.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust.